Mike Lindermans 2005 Dodge Neon

This here is Mikes 2005 Dodge Neon that he purchased brand new, and currently only has 8000 orginal miles on it, this thing is not all for show it has plenty of go, has a header, cold air intake kit, exhaust, chip, and a sound system to blow your mind.  He is running 4 powermaster 680s in the rear in the spare tire well, with a Memphis 4kw powering 2 2008 12" Memphis Mojos, running extreme class, the box is not in the trunk of this car, the back seat is a sub box.  Hes hoping for the 150 mark, he has the Mid West SPL trunk car class record of Iowa for the 2007 season at 143.6db!  This car will more than change the way we look at Dodge Neons, but its going to put other competitors to shame in the lanes.